Omid Hajili – Hajilitto

  1. Majnoun Omid Hajili 3:16
  2. Bombe Eshgh Omid Hajili 4:04
  3. Vaghte Gole Ney Omid Hajili 3:50
  4. Ey Dad Omid Hajili 3:45
  5. Tarke Diyar Omid Hajili 3:59
  6. Delbar Omid Hajili 3:05
  7. Raftam Az Dast Omid Hajili 4:01
  8. Hala Hala Omid Hajili 3:43
  9. Vay Vay Omid Hajili 4:14
  10. Kouchalar Omid Hajili 4:13
  11. Naghshe Jamal Omid Hajili 4:31
  12. Oftad Omid Hajili 3:32
  13. Aghaghiya Omid Hajili 4:36

( جهت حمایت از صاحب اثر ، آلبوم را به صورت اورجینال از فروشگاههای عرضه محصولات فرهنگی در سراسر کشور خریداری نمایید )

Album : Hajilito
Lyrics : Mohammadreza Moradi, Omid Hajili, Farhad Jahani, Omid Jame, Naser Abdollahu , Samiye Salimi
Arrangement : Hamidreza Moradi, Omid Hajili, Mohammadreza Javadi
Music : Omid Hajili, Mohsen Sharifian, Naser Abdollahi , Mohammadreza Moradi

Omid Hajili was born in 1983 in Tehran. He started playing piano aged nine, and after he became eleven, he entered music school. After about three years of playing violin, he changed his musical instrument into trumpet and simultaneously he started to play percussion instruments and drama all by himself. He received his school certification in 1998 and then continued his studies up to bachelor’s degree. He received a master certification in music from the art university.

Hajili was the former professor of music department of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and now he is the professor of art and architecture department in Islamic Azad university. He is a professional trumpet player and has appeared on many music albums. He has 10 years background of playing with Tehran Symphony Orchestra, Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra, Seda-o-Sima Symphony Orchestra and others. He has collaborated with many singers as composer and editor, including Alireza Assar, Sirvan Khosravi, Mohsen Chavoshi (Man tormenting-track), Ali Lohrasbi, Khashayar Etemadi, Hami, Nima Masiha, Shahkar Binesh Pajooh, Mohamad Zare, and Jamshid Azizkhani. He also has been the orchestra leader of some pop music groups, such as Naser Abdollahi, Reza Sadeghi and one of the main members of Darkoob group.

His first album, Allegro, was a mixture of musical styles with a leaning to South America. It was released in December 2008 by Iran Gam. Hajili is very interested in Latin, funk and rhythmic songs as well as other styles.